So you think it’s all over….

Our first Berkshire litter


Woke up this morning to make sure Becky who farrowed two days ago  had her breakfast early and that the piglets were all okay.  They were. However Esme had gone into labour …no this cannot be happening. 

Dear Esme


Esme wasn’t banging at her door ….went in to find she was already farrowing . Two piglets were wandering around. One hour later number 3 came out. We then waited. Too long. Went to the vet and was given some Ocytovem to inject. They then came tumbling out. The first was dead. The next we thought was too but after a good rubbing and and a swing she was alive. I wanted to give Esme a big love. Another was born dead. There was then a steady stream. Final count 8 – 5 girls and 3 boys.  These babies are big! Time to let Esme rest. We fed our other pigs. Later we checked on  Esme . She wanted to eat so she finished off her breakfast from this morning. Thinking this was all over….. 

Time to check the piglets etc before we go to bed…..then there were nine! 4 hours after the last piglet.  Have checked and the afterbirth is there. Is it a boy or girl …don’t know just hope it survives…it seems like both Esme and me are on for the Marathon.


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  1. Congratulations. I can’t wait to meet them.

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